“We have taken the best of the best and made it better”

We combine great tradition with new impuses
Contemporary elegance with a touch of Conservatism
Balanced yet efficient, stylish and charming
The West is successful: we are free, independent, financially well off
and we happily guide other cultures onto the right path.

Not ofter are you able to call a performance a success before it has even premiered. To create “Success” Erik Pold has gathered a research team consisting of two performers: Pernille Koch and Simon Will (UK) from Gob Squad. They have set out to search for Success as a product and will present their results in a mixture of performance, dance, lecture demonstration, documentary video and a great deal of humour.


Concept and direction: Erik Pold
Productdevelopment and performance: Simon Will and Pernille Koch
Soundscore: Mark Booth
Technical assistance on video and scenography: Frank Knudsen
Light design: Antonio Rodrigues
Light technician: Jens Peter Jensen


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Supported by

The Danish Theatercouncil, Wilhelm Hansen Foundation and Copenhagens Amts Kulturfond