A new rave post queer folk acid house meta club performance by Erik Pold

A late night Performance, designed as a ”meta nightclub”, a nightclub that talks about Nightclubs as a phenomena. It is about what happens at night, the alternative reality that takes place in the dark, a place for dreams, passion, fantasy, escape, drugs, sex and removed from politics in the outside world.

The plot takes place on the dance floor, behind the DJ desk and in the bar, where the audience is gathered to listen and participate in a “Live Art” experiment, that looks just like a Saturday night in a club.
It is an unconventional piece of theatre mixing elements of performance, ”Live Art”, dance, text, video and ”DJ’ing”.

Club Culture is not just about spending your Friday night looking for a partner; it is a much bigger construction of reality. A place where you can escape reality, live out you fantasies, create a fictional identity for yourself. Maybe it is all an illusion, probably reality catches up with most people at some point, but this piece is a celebration of nightlife and the fantasies that are lived to the fullest out there.

”Hang the DJ” takes club culture serious, and the next track will mean everything and alternate reality forever. ” oh the night is my world city life painted girls in a day nothing matters it’s the night time that flatters”

Starring as “Superstar DJ” is Erik Pold and “Hostess of the evening” is performed by Pernille Koch. Each performance includes a series of guest performers “Club Kids”, alternating from weekend to weekend, among the guests in May in TurboDownTown is: Swedish/Danish Performer Daniel Norback, Actor Maria Rich, English Choreographer and Performer Martin Butler, from Turbotown: Tue Bering and more.

In the making and live in the club will also appear: Dramaturgist and Sound Artist Henrik Vestergaard, Video Artist Helle Lyshøj, Set Designer Rebecca Arthy and Lighting Designer Antonio Rodrigues.


hang the dj

Date: 18. May 2007

kl. 22.30 (+Turbotown natklub til kl. 04)

hang the dj

Date: 16. May 2007

kl. 22.30 (+Afterparty på hemmelig location)

hang the dj

11. May 2007 - 12. May 2007

kl. 22.30 (+Turbotown natklub til kl. 04)

hang the dj

3. May 2007 - 5. May 2007

kl. 22.30 (+Turbotown natklub til kl. 04)

TurboDowntownpremiere fredag d. 4. maj

The piece performs in TurboDowntown, the nightclub at Turbinehallerne
It is a Pre clubbing performance, and included the entrance fee is a club night in Turbodowntown.

Funded by

Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg og Københavns Kulturfond