At 4 o´clock in the afternoon on the hottest Friday so far this year, Ingmar Jones – a second-rate magician – expires on the fish counter in a very boring supermarket. He was wearing a fairly nice suit and was carrying a dry cleaning bill in his pocket. There were four witnesses, among them a woman he had previously met. None of this was what he expected. It is said that when one drowns, your life passes by in the course of 30 seconds. This is a performance about these 30 seconds – the last in Ingmar Jones´ life. But to what degree his actual life is depicted is difficult to say. To him is seems more like a strange cabaret, performed by people he has never met before or has never thought to be specifically significant


By Adelaide Bentzon and Donovan Flynn
in collaboration with the performers: Amia Miang, Signe Waldorff Weinholt, Pernille Koch, Donovan Flynn and Daniel Norback


Kanonhallen May 2004, shown as part of the Junge Hunde Festival.

with support from

Augustinus Fonden and Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond