About Liminal

    LIMINAL Performancegroup has existed since 1999. We are a performing arts company, producing works for adults as well as young audiences. The artistic leadership of the company consists of director, choreographer and performer Erik Pold and choreographer and director Adelaide Bentzon.

    We create performing art that moves between the political and the existential, and plays with the relationship between fiction and reality. Typical elements in our work are the site-specific and participatory, as well as the active use of new technology and video. Our performances often has an element of humour and play with form and content in a way that invites audiences to take part.

    It is central in LIMINAL to challenge the concept of the theatre formally and thematically, in a manner that is accessible to the public. Current topics are being addressed through formal experiments that investigate who we are and how we act in the world.


    About Liminality

    Within anthropology, liminality is a term that denotes the historical moments where the social order usually taken for granted suddenly disappears. A conceptualization of change and social transformation.

    We live in a time when this liminality in society is an almost permanent state and where the understanding of who we are and why we are here appears to be fluid and constantly changing. Identities are constructed and deconstructed all the time, and perceptions of reality are shifted at high pace.

    So theatre can appear to be a dusty and old-fashioned construction, with its red plush, rows of audience seating, and demands for immersion and slow pace. It may even appear museum-like, as if the theatre clings to the past in the hope that the present will come to a standstill.

    The performing arts scene is dominated by heavy institutions that have a hard time adapting to the times we live in, and one could ask oneself, like we did in the performance entitled ”The Great Scene Change”, if theatre is a dying art form?! Conversely, as we conclude in the performance, there may be a greater need for the performing arts than ever before. The performing arts as a place where we can gather as citizens and face each other and reflect on whether we are on the right track. The democratic function of theatre may be stiffened in its form, but the need for such a function has never been greater. Our vision in LIMINAL is to create a change within the performing arts, by continuing in our practice to be curious and investigative and to create works that embrace the current liminal state of society while creating room for reflection, reflection on where we are from and where we are heading.

    When a Martian lands on earth what questions does that give rise to? What happens when you keep starring at an empty stage and allows for the imagination of the audience to create a performance out of the empty space and who does the fool ridicule when he can no longer see who has the power in society?

    In LIMINAL we aim to create performances the makes us wonder about the world.