A piece by Erik Pold and Pernille Koch

Ladies and gentlemen
When standing here in front of you tonight,
IÕm really not here.
I am in fact still at home in bed
This is I am here in a way, but not really present
..or merely as an illusion
I am fictitious
Made up to give you this show
I hope you will be entertained,
but I ask you to keep in mind:
Nothing of this is real
I am not really here.

DIS APPEARANCE & ANGEL DUST is two performances in one.
Two performances mixing elements of video, text, dance, performance and magical tricks an entertaining and thought provoking piece of performance art.

DIS APPEARANCE is a solo with Erik Pold

ANGEL DUST partly a solo and a duet starring Pernille Koch and Erik Pold



23. August 2002 - 30. August 2002

kl. 20.30 undt. mand og tirsd

Comedievognens Broscene, København – del af arrangementet DOUBLE UP

Dis Appearance & Angel Dust

9. March 2002 - 10. March 2002

festival for digitalscenekunst arrangeret af EntréScenen i Århus