CAMMIE & ELTO are the two hosts in “Dream Machine”.
A futuristic TV show selling dreams and over the top sensations. 100 % synthetic and 60 % glamorous. A good pile of evil might behiding behind the everlasting smiles. Or perhaps nothing is hiding there at all….

The piece is inspired by cabaret, media clichées and common madness.

It is a 30 minute show staged by Adelaide Bentzon to music by Sara Indrio and Bjørn Svin. A luny satire over the talkshows of our time, working with dance, video, music and text.

CAMMIE & ELTO mixes electric boogie, modern dance, performance, computergame soundtracks, musical boxes and the traditionel musical song in an altogether entertaining absurdity.

CAMMIE & ELTO are on their way to the top ….. and they are not coming down!


Idea: Sara Indrio and Adelaide Bentzon
Choreography: Adelaide Bentzon in collaboration with the dancers
Pernille Koch and Kasper Ravnhøj
Music: Sara Indrio and Bjørn Svin
Photographer: Torben Simonsen
Editing: Mikala Krogh
Stills and graphics: Charlotte Hjort- Rhode
Costumes: Mikala Valeur


2001, Den Anden Opera

Financiel support from:

Kulturministeriets Udviklingsfond and Statens Musikråd