Adelaide Bentzon/ Liminal presented BOUND TO FAIL. A show about a working real illusion Don, Fay and Emil – who naturally are terribly well known – live, in a copy of a cabaret, their dreams to the fullest extent and a bit further. They all have the lead role and are continuing extras in each others game. Constantly on the move towards a bigger, better and more sellable edition of themselves.
Bound to Fail is inspired by cabaret, media, impossible rockbands and everyday madness. A theatre-mix including movement, video, music, text and singing.


Concept and direction: Adelaide Bentzon
In close collaboration with the performers: Martin Lundberg, Pernille Koch & Svend E. Kristensen
Music: Sara Indrio and Bjørn Svin
Dramaturgue: Christine Fentz
Graphics: Andreas Trägårdh

Bound to fail Prologue

Erik Pold was challenged to create a prologue relating to the title of the evening.


bound to fail

30. May 2002 - 9. June 2002

Den Anden Opera, Købenahavn

Den Anden Opera 30/5 – 9/6, 2002

supported by

the Danish Theatrecouncil