The Great Illusion is a performance by Erik Pold and Jes Brinch

An effectfull and provocative performance mixing elements of theatre, dance and installation art.
It deals with our relationship to notions such as truth, reality and illusion.To create the greatest illusion all means are taken into use.
The heavy theatrical illusory machinery is run in position. With painted backdrops, red curtain, smoke machines, confetti-cannons, magic shows, seductive costumes, lots of makeup and hard-pumping disco music.

At the same time we pose fundamental questions such as:
What constitutes us as human beings?
What kind of social worlds do we inhabite, and why have we created them the way we have?

The Great Illusion will become an at once entertaining and philisophical performance

Reality will never be the same after you’ve seen this show.


Concept: Erik Pold og Jes Brinch
The performance is created in close collaboration with the participant artists:
Performers: Pernille Koch, Johannes Lilleøre, Daniel Norback and Erik Pold
Writer: Majse Aymo-Boot
Dramaturge: Henrik Vestergaard Friis
Setdesign, costumes and music: Jes Brinch
Staging: Erik Pold
Lightdesign: Raphael Solholm
Producer: Marianne Klint
PR: Trine Sørensen/Momentum og Alberte Tøttenborg
Building and workshop: Ole Funch
Costumes: Birgitte Nisbeth
Assistants to the setdesigner: Christian Bang Jensen, Sif Hedegård og Signe Aarestrup
Assistant to the director: Alberte Tøttenborg

The performance is a co-production between Theatre Momentum and LiminalDK


The Great Illusion

15. September 2010 - 28. September 2010

Lille Carl i Dansehallerne (København). Please notice: Friday september 24 sees the premiere of an english version of the piece.

The Great Illusion

Date: 8. September 2010

Teater Momentum (Odense)

the great illusion

1. September 2010 - 3. September 2010

Teater Momentum (Odense)

Financially supported by

The Danish Artscouncil, Toyota-Fonden, Nationalbankens Jubilæumsfond af 1968, Nordea-fonden, Overretssagfører L. Zeuthens Mindelegat og Københavns Scenekunstudvalg