An entertaining, mysterious and different city walk outside the theatre

”Performancegruppen explores contemporary Man in elegant-morbid garden walk….”

(Anne Middelboe, Information 21/6, 2011)

LiminalDK Performancetheatre presents a unique theatrical experience:

IN SEARCH OF A PLOT takes the audience out of the theatre and into the city.

The performance is adapted to each specific venue, giving the audience opportunity to see an area of the city in a new way. This piece is suited for industrial areas or other parts of a city that are interesting and different. IN SEARCH OF A PLOT can very well be part of various cultural events, a festival or related to activities at a museum.

The performance begins at one joint location. Here the actors divide the audience into three groups and guide them on separate walks. Along their way the viewers meet different characters and see parts of various stories – it all seems to be part of a bigger story.  A film crew interacts with the performance; members of the audience get the chance to interact with the plot – if they so desire. Towards the end, when the walkers are reunited a video is shown. The stories told on the walks are connected and the fragments can be tied together. Just how they connect is open for individual interpretation.

IN SEARCH OF A PLOT looks at plot as phenonema in stage art as well as in our daily lives. In a complex and global world, what narratives lends coherence to our lives, and just how different do we experience the same reality?

The stories in the guided walks are inspired by the works of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami.
In his books we often find the central character searching for a sense of meaning – a search that leads to weird and mythical journeys where the most unexpected becomes normal.

IN SEARCH OF PLOT premiered at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen in june 2011. It has also played in Helsingør at Helsingør Teater. IN SEARCH OF PLOT is staged by Erik Pold and Adelaide Bentzon. Together they form the artistic direction of LiminalDK Performancetheatre Since 1999. LiminalDK has produced several performances in Denmark and abroad.

The reviewers wrote:

“an international performance level of morbidity amidst a sensory loaded place in the slipstream of Hotel Pro Forma” (Information)
“A very exciting, different and entertaining, spellbinding and intimate experience that I strongly recommend” (
“An interesting and funny project – an inspiring attempt to challenge the black box theatre.” (Politiken)


Idea and staging: Erik Pold and Adelaide Bentzon
Performers: Sigrid Kandal Husjord, Nina Kareis, Merete Byrial, Daniel Norback, Johannes Lilleøre and Erik Pold
Assistant performers: Alberte Tøttenborg and Christian Engell
Videodesign: Helle Lyshøj
Set design: Rebecca Arthy
Music: Pelle Skovmand
Dramaturg: Karsten Johansen


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13. September 2012 - 14. September 2012

i og omkring Horsens tidligere statsfængsel / Horsens Børneteaterfestival

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i Odense / Teater Momentum

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3. August 2011 - 5. August 2011

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jagten på et plot – dansehallerne

7. June 2011 - 19. June 2011

Dansehallerne og rundt i det gamle Carlsberg område

supported by

The Danish Arts Council , KODA-DRAMATIK, Oda og Hans Svenningsens Fonden, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg and