A tragicomic medieval performance

Does the fool have a place in society today and who is he?

In the performance FOOL we meet the modern fool who has devoted his whole life to this role and to his modern “fool technique”. His methods lead him into great moral dilemmas, and radical choices must be made. Choices that ends up pushing him over the edge

“I have studied people. I know what they will do before they do it. That’s why I have an advantage. I’m always one step ahead.”


FOOL is a devised performance created in close collaboration between director Erik Pold and actor Johannes Lilleøre. They have had an on-going artistic collaboration through a number of years, looking into ways of performing and acting that blurs the borders between fiction and reality and investigates a direct relationship and dialogue with the audience. In this performance they play with a recognisable figure who acts and speaks in an absurd manner and allows himself to be both ridiculous, provocative and reckless at the same time, the way of the fool. Taking inspiration from among others Donald Trump, it has become a story about the little man you fear a little.

“The Middle Ages is on its way back, and in the new Middle Ages the fool is in charge”


Concept and script: Erik Pold and Johannes Lilleøre
Actor: Johannes Lilleøre
Producer and director: Erik Pold
Set design: Rikke Juellund
Tailor: Hanne Mørup
Builder and stage manager: Mads Hilden
Photographer: Malle Madsen

Press release (in Danish)

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Date: 2. June 2018

14.00 and 16.30

CPH STAGE at Teater V (performance in english)


Date: 1. June 2018


CPH STAGE at Teater V (performance in english)


Date: 31. May 2018

kl. 16.30

CPH STAGE – på Teater V (spiller på dansk)


16. September 2017 - 17. September 2017

15.00 - FRI ENTRÉ


Date: 19. August 2017



11. August 2017 - 13. August 2017

17.00 og 20.00 - FRI ENTRÉ


9. August 2017 - 10. August 2017



Date: 5. August 2017


Helsingør – Passage Festival – Wiibroe plads – fri entré


Date: 1. August 2017


Helsingør – Passage Festival – Toldkammeret – fri entré

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