Can artwork be cloned? The answer is yes – and the process has been going on for generations. That’s why the man behind the performance Mastercopy, director and choreographer Erik Pold has chosen to come clean:
I am deeply unoriginal.
In fact none of my ideas ever, were really a 100 % my own.
I have been stealing ideas all through my career.

Wow I said it…..what a relief.
So now I feel like I might as well go all the way:
MASTERCOPY will be the ultimate UNORIGINAL performance.

Everything in the show will be stolen, copied, sampled, quoted, recollected, reused, you name it, but it will be like a sparkling fresh new copy.

MASTERCOPY investigates what happens when you start copying on all levels of a theatre production. 3 performers: Daniel Norback, Merete Byrial and Jeremy Wade, explore different ways of copying, re-enacting, sampling and re-staging.
The idea is to avoid originality and authenticity: everything has been done or said before.
It is a mixed media-performance, and the use of video, live electronic sound and music is a vital part of the performance.

MASTERCOPY rejects the idea that art is only art when you can call it original – it debates the perception of the artist as being original and unique, and rather sees the artist as someone who sample culture, reconstruct, deconstructs, and in that way builds upon culture and the streams of information that runs through contemporary society.
It investigates some of the more recent devices within both visual art and performance: Re-enactment and Post Production.
But not without irony: the project is in some respect impossible: live performance is by nature never able to be a complete copy of something else, but we work hard to make it happen.

The performance is partly in English, partly in Danish, it is not a text-based performance. Translation of texts in English will be available. At the Zeneplus festival we perform a full English version.

”I can´t think of anything to say, so just give me the words, and I will repeat them”
(Andy Warhol)

The artists involved in MASTERCOPY are

Director and choreographer: Erik Pold
Performers: Merete Byrial, Daniel Norback, Jeremy Wade.
Composer: Pelle Skovmand
Videoartist: Helle Lyshøj
Set Designer: Rebecca Arthy
Writer: Majse Aymo-Boot
Designer: Rasmus Nordqvist
Dramaturge: Henrik Vestergaard Friis
Light designer: Mads Vegas
Assistant to the director: Alberte Tøttenborg
PR: Adelaide Bentzon
Administration: Marianne Klint



2. December 2008 - 4. December 2008

Entréscenen i Århus


26. August 2008 - 10. September 2008

Plex Musikteater

Supported financially by:

Kunstrådets Scenekunstudvalg (The Danish Artscouncil), Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Scenekunstudvalg, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Nordea Danmark-fonden, BG Fonden og Statens Værksteder for Kunst og Håndværk