MASTERCOPY – artists involved

Jeremy Wade (1976), performer, dancer, choreographer
American who now resides in Berlin, Jeremy was based in New york City for 10 years, where he was involved in the Chez Buschwick art space and worked both as a Go Go dacer, Club Kid and contemporary dancer and choreographer.
He received his BA from the School for New Dance Development in Amsterdam in 2000, and has worked with choreographers such as: Katie Duck, David Zambrano, Meg Stuart, Allain Buffard and Chameki/Lerner. And he has been an artist in residency at Movement Research in New York City.
Jeremy is a shooting star on the European dance scene, and his work is produced by HAU (Hebbel am Ufer) in Berlin, where his work has been showcased at ”Tanz im August”.

Merete Byrial (1962), performer, choreographer and director
Merete has worked professionally since 1996 as a performer, choreographer and director. She is a core member of the performance group BIDT, but has worked freelance with a number of people, among others Kamilla Wargo Brekling, Seimi Nørregaard, Bo Madvig and ”Udflugt”.
Her work is based strongly upon improvisation, and as a performer she is usually takes part in the creation of a performance both conceptually, writing texts and choreographing.
Recently she created her own children’s theatre company called Rundt På Gulvet:
Merete collaborated with Erik Pold on two occasions: ”Onsdag ” (2004) and ”Fyraften” (2007).
She is a member on the danihs Actors association and ”Independent Theatre makers”.

Daniel Norback (1969), performer
Daniel has worked professionally as a performer, director and writer during the past ten years.
He is a member of the performance groups Bidt and NORPOL and has performed in a large number of different works by these two groups as well as by other directors in Denmark and Sweden.
Improvisation has been one of his primary interests and he has participated in various improvisation based pieces and also teaches the subject. Lately he has been focusing on interactive performance work –direted at different age groups, both children and grown ups. With NORPOL he received funds in 2007 for the performance “Blackout” from the Danish Arts Council. “Blackout” is a puppet-documentary that premieres in autumn 2009. In 2006 Daniel received a one year work grant from the Danish Arts Council. He is s a member of organsations such as: ”Uafhængige Scenekunstnere (independent stage artists), and “De Frie Koreografer” (independent choreographers) where he was also a board member from 2004 – 2006.
Daniel has worked with Erik Pold on several productions, most recently ”The End” 2006 and ”Hang the DJ” 2007.

Majse Aymo-Boot (1974), Writer
Majse Aymo-Boot is educated from the Danish Writers School, and holds a BA in Italian and international cultural studies at Copenhagen University. She has written literature as well as text for stage art e.g.
”16 million main characters” – a collaboration with performance artists Ellen Friis og Henrik Vestergaard Pedersen shown as part of the Junge Hunde-festival in Kanonhallen. Maise Aymo-Boot has also written articles and participated in radio shows. She is an editor at Balisk – a publishing house that publishes non-translated literature, semiotic writings and works by Nordic writers. Majse Aymo-Boot also does readings, teaches and works as a translator.

Helle Lyshøj (1968), video artist and performer
Helle studied time-based arts at Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. She has since made short docu-fictions, exhibited video installations, had various art video screenings all over Europe and works now mostly with video as stage art.
She has since 1999 work with Erik Pold first in Amsterdam since in Copenhagen and latest in ‘THE END’ (2006) and the club-performance ‘Hang the DJ’ (2007). As video artist Helle has performed on stage in Børsen ‘Roadshow’ (2004) and ’New Value’ (2006). Furthermore she has made several music videos.
In 2007 Helle received a one-year grant from the Danish Arts Foundation.
Helle live and works in Amsterdam and Copenhagen.

Pelle Skovmand (1969), composer and performer
Pelle Skovmand is a composer and musician educated from The Danish Conservatory of Rythmic Music. He composes for film, theatre, dance, performance and art installations. He is a co-founder of the “Recoil Performance Group” and a musician in the sound-art group “The Ghettoblaster Ensemble”.
Pelle teaches computer music at ”Den Rytmiske Aftenskole”(an evening school program).
The last time Pelle Skovmand collaborated with Erik Pold was for the very successful performance “The End” – a production by LiminalDK at ”Den Anden Opera” in 2006.

Rebecca Arthy (1973), stagedesigner
Rebecca Arthy graduated from the Academy of Architecture in Copenhagen.
Before that she studied at The Bartlett School of Architecture at the University of College London.
She has participated in a large number of various art projects as an architect, stage designer, graphic designer and puppeteer. She has worked with Erik Pold on the LiminalDK productions “The End” 2006, and
“Hang the DJ” fra 2007. Rebecca has received several work and travel grants from The Danish Arts Council
and she has participated at the Spring Exhibition at Charlottenborg (2005) and the Biennale for Architecture in Venice (2004).

Rasmus Nordqvist (1975), costume designer
Rasmus Nordqvist graduated from the Danish School for Design in 1999. He has a wide experience as a fashion designer and has worked creatively as well as strategically in small and large scale enterprises all over Europe. Recently he was employed as Brand Manager for Bitte Kai Rand & co. Rasmus Nordqvist has also worked as creative director for Copenhagen fashion and design festival.

Henrik Vestergaard Friis (1971), dramaturg
Born 1971 in Aalborg, Denmark and holds an MA in Theatre Science from the University of Copenhagen and from the Free University in Berlin. In Denmark he has worked with Kanonhallen, Erik Pold and in Norway with Balteatret and Verk Production. In 1999 moved he to Berlin, where he has lived and worked since, mainly with artists from Applied Theatre Science in Giessen: Otmar Wagner, Florian Feigl, Dariusz Kostyra, Nino Sandow, Jörn J. Burmester and the groups Elizalde Area Code and Keifer. In 2001, he established his own label Zarathustras Onkel ( Furthermore he has edited an anthology, several articles, and worked as a curator.