Mimbo Jimbo Makes Art

Today, Mimbo Jimbo wants to make art. So he rolls out a canvas on the floor. He opens a bucket of yellow paint and pours it out. There! Now everything is yellow.

Then he takes a tube of blue paint and splashes it into the middle of the yellow.

And stomps on it. But it is not enough…..

Mimbo Jimbo Makes Art is performance theatre for children, based on the popular children´s book by the renowned Danish artist Jakob Martin Strid.

All imaginable strategies are applied when a big painting is created live during each performance. It is a terrible mess. A very entertaining mess.


Created in collaboration between director
Adelaide Bentzon
And the performers
Daniel Norback, Helene Kvint and Erik Pold
Set design Lisbeth Burian
Music Jens B. Christiansen
Masks Karin Ørum
Costumes Lone Friis and Pille Behrendt
Light and Technic Lya Lundsager
Builder Mads Hilden
Graphic designer Marie Louise Heger
Photo Malle Madsen

This performance is based on the story Mimbo Jimbo makes art by Jakob Martin Strid.
Published by Gyldendal, produced in collaboration with Gyldendal Group Agency.


Mimbo Jimbo laver kunst

Date: 5. April 2019

kl. 11:00 og kl. 16:00 på UCN

Aprilfestivalen i Hjørning

Mimbo Jimbo laver kunst

Date: 24. February 2019

Mimbo Jimbo laver kunst

Date: 16. February 2019

Mimbo Jimbo laver kunst

10. February 2019 - 12. February 2019

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Supported by

the Danish Arts Foundation, A.P. Møller fonden and Ole Kirks fond